Chevy Chase, Maryland

From The Doctor


I’m Dr. Frederic Schwartz.  Over many years of performing neurosurgery, I’ve learned that patients have a number of questions when choosing a surgeon. This website is a way of answering your questions, welcoming you to my practice and letting you know about me and my philosophy of surgical care.

Any patient who must consider neurosurgery want to find a surgeon who will be sensitive to his or her concerns.  Good communication between doctor and patient is essential, and I consider it my responsibility to listen to you so that I can understand your needs and goals.


I’ll help you understand your condition and your options.  I’ll share my knowledge with you so that you can clearly understand the issues of your condition.  In that way you can make informed decisions about your care and take an active part in your own healing.  To me you aren’t a “case,” your a person, and you’ll be treated with respect and dignity.  If you are suffering from a serious injury or illness, one of your greatest difficulties may be getting those around you to understand how much pain you’re in. When you come to my office, you have found that understanding.


My philosophy of surgery is simple. I want to do only what’s necessary to achieve the best out come in your case. Non-surgical treatments are tried first and I’ll recommend surgery only if noninvasive treatments don’t resolve your problem.

When I do operate, I use microscopic, minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures wherever I can.  I use both proven techniques and innovative new approaches. It’s my deep belief that this flexibility in methods is best to encourage natural healing.